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Clarity Coaching

For those who want to invest in their health & well-being.


Session Guarantee

If you don't experience relief during your session, we will give you a partial refund. We ask that you share your concerns prior to completion of the program.

Our Clarity Coaching program is designed to help you re-connect to your authentic self. This program will help you to discover and attract more of what you want in life. It will also help you to release those things which you desire NOT to have. You will dive deep to discover what's holding you back and how to break through and create the life you deserve. Reiki and aromatherapy enhance the benefits of the coaching session. Both support learning, memory, clarity, and quick, effective action towards change.


Clarity Coaching is available to individuals and groups.

Scheduling is flexible to best meet your needs. Please contact us at if you would like to participate in our Clarity Coaching program but cannot commit to one 6 hour time block. We'll work together to schedule your program into several shorter sessions.

This is what you get with the Clarity Coaching Program:


Kristynn's services have so many benefits: stress relief, calmness, feeling more grounded, and feeling less nervous or anxious. Reiki helps me deal with stress, open up my body for good health and positive wellness choices, and pain relief. Kristynn offers personal 1:1 help, a personal touch, and flexibility of scheduling.

After my sessions I feel awesome, inspired, and relaxed. I feel confident and at ease. I feel focused.

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